I tell my staff too much

I have the joy and privilege of leading a team of ladies who are bright, kind, determined and beautiful. They are positively lovely and work so hard to help make our political and nonprofit fundraising consulting business a success. 

Today, as I was nursing my three-month old in staff meeting, I thought to myself: 

I tell my staff way too much. 

As if nursing in staff meeting isn't bad enough, I'm pretty sure they know way more about their boss than they should. They can tell you my parenting style, most of the back story of how I met my husband, which clients are my favorites, which ones I would love to ditch (none, of course), what I really think about illegal immigration and all my crazy body image issues. They have seen me when I am so mad I'm saying words my mother would croak if she heard me say and they have seen me in tears, devastated when our favorite clients, the really good ones, don't win. They have seen me at my absolute best, when I put together a strategic plan so stunning and revolutionary we are all inspired; and they have seen me when I absolutely cannot get my head on straight. 

I am less of an open book and more like a hot mess. It's wild. 

But you know what else it is? 


I am going to take the liberty to say that I am a pretty good boss. I'm confident my staff would agree. And I cannot help but attribute a great portion of my ability to boss well to the level of authenticity I bring to my team. I operate with a blunt honesty and a certain level of raw emotion that lets them know we are all in this together.

It isn't pretty and it's always risky; but I absolutely believe the vulnerability of exposure is critical to securing a sense of "us" that allows my team to soar. I am very demanding and we work long hours. I do not believe I could have the buy in from this team without them knowing me, really knowing me well. 

I cannot help but wonder how much more could be accomplished, how much the world could change, if we all decided to tell our employees a little too much.