The best 10 second rule

I don't have much time to be still these days. The demands of two kids and two businesses have rendered this season very full. I have to fight for alone time and even a shower long enough to shave my legs. Sometimes, it is completely taxing, and I feel very close to losing my sanity. 

Then, I discovered the best 10 second rule. No, it doesn't involve eating dropped M&Ms. When I'm doing something calming or about to shift activities, I give myself a focused 10 second countdown before moving on to the next task.

- Time to get out of the nice, hot shower? Count slowly to 10, savor each quiet moment and prepare mentally for the cold reality of life facing you outside those steamy shower doors. 

- Pull in the driveway and the kids are quiet? Sit in the car, count to 10, take a deep breath and be thankful for the carload of groceries to unload. 

- Sitting at your desk and need to leave for a meeting? Take 10 extra seconds to combat any anxiety the meeting, with its anticipated project load that is sure to follow, may incite before you attend.

- Indulging in dessert, a glass of wine or cup of coffee? Take 10 seconds before refilling your plate or glass. You need it. 

I think you get the picture. I cannot tell you how revolutionary this has been for realigning my perspective and getting myself mentally prepared to face the next task, change the next diaper, pay the next bill. It helps me shift into stressful situations with a steady, sure grip on my emotions. It affords me the opportunity to gear up, if you will, to tackle the challenge placed in front of me with enthusiasm and determination. 

There are always 10 extra seconds. You won't run late, you won't burn dinner, you won't lose a client. You can find those brief moments of respite throughout your day. The benefit is immense. I promise.