One and Two

How old are my boys? One and two. 

One and two. 

One and Two. 

For two brief months, my boys are one and two years old. I know, it is as crazy wonderful as it sounds. It’s incredible how close in age they are but so vastly different. It’s even more incredible they both came from the same two parents, as they are so much the same, yet so vastly different. 

One gorilla crawls, a super fast scoot-style crawl; Two runs at full-steam at all times. 

One babbles and laughs and rarely cries; Two talks non-stop and makes jokes and throws fits of epic proportions. 

One gives open-mouth kisses; Two gives “the biggest smooch you ever had!” 

One is sneaky, using stealth-mode to sneak up and snatch toys; Two announces himself when he enters a room and has not been called “reserved” ever. 

One is quietly happy; Two is full-volume joyful. 

I could not be more grateful to be their mom, the mom to One and Two. 

I cannot tell you how often people assume, because of their close age, that I am overwhelmed and busy. I hear so often, “I don’t know how you do it,” or “I could never do that,” or “How DO you do it?”

I want to set the record straight: a mom with full hands is a mom with a full plate, yes, but it’s also a mom with a full heart. I’m not too busy. I’m not overwhelmed. Of course, I am these things at times, but a growing family does not equate a constant state of incomplete.  

An amazing thing happens as your family expands. Not only does your heart enlarge to fully and completely love the newest little, but your capacity to mother grows in tandem. I’m able to do more, be more than I ever imagined. It’s like a magic superpower, and it is glorious.

This expansion extends to every other avenue of your life. You find ways to maximize your work to create margin for your family. You dream new dreams and pursue new passions because your raising little people and you can do anything. YOU ARE LITERALLY RAISING TINY HUMANS. You are invincible. 

I’m filled to the brim with joy and love for these little people who have invaded my home. More than that, I’m eternally grateful to them for helping me find the best me.

One and Two. ONE AND TWO. Man, it is wild and it is beautiful. 

P.S. In the time it took me to draft this teeny, tiny post, I had to help Two in the bathroom, get One a snack, was forced to wear ear muffs while Two hammered and put One down for a nap. It’s not easy, friends, but it is worth it. 

P.S.S. Maybe you are completely exhausted, sweet momma. Maybe you do not feel on top of it. Maybe you are afraid to admit you just don’t like being a mom. I heard the wisest words lately from a dear friend: Don’t let one season define all of motherhood for you. Maybe toddlers aren't your jam but you will take my middle schoolers. Maybe you love infants; maybe teenagers make you want to hide in a closet with a bottle of wine. Whatever it is, don’t let this hard season define the totality of motherhood for you. You are enough. And a new season is right around the corner.