Two days after June 17, 2015

Have you seen the Jon Stewart video regarding the devastating shooting in Charleston two days ago? In my mind, the President could stand to learn a thing or two from Mr. Stewart.

This is not the time to throw around politically expedient blame tactics surrounding gun control and "ease of access to weapons." That's an issue that panders to the left demographic but we NEVER see democrats actually do anything about it. It divides and hastens the issue past the precious points of humanity that are far more pressing. 

This is an issue of race. It bodes well to make it about gun control or mental health because these are easier to excuse, to dismiss, to rationalize. But racism? The pure desire to "shoot black people?" It's barbaric. It's terrorism. It's gut wrenching, heart breaking, mind boggling. 

It isn't a one-sided issue. It exists in our nation no matter if you are black or white, Republican or Democrat, rich or poor. Sure, we can attempt to blame generational factors but the real issue is that we refuse to make it a real issue. We refuse to admit is THE issue. 

As long as there are symbols of hate and ignorance displayed at state capital buildings under the guise of "geographical allegiance" we won't see healing .

As long as we have churches that are "black" churches or "white" churches, we won't see reconciliation. 

As long as we refuse to acknowledge that this is an issue that we ALL must face, that we must take a hard look at our own hearts and our own actions, we won't see redemption. 

My heart is absolutely crushed.